Products & Services  



Custom Orthotics

Designed and custom made for you by a qualified technician.  A bio-mechanical gait analysis will first be performed by a certified pedorthist followed by a casting or 3D image of the foot. 



  • Follow up appointments are 4 weeks after fitting, then every year after to ensure optimal functionality.
  • Dealing directly with our pedorthist allows for quicker response time and faster solutions
  • The use of 3D casting ensures the product will truly be customized exactly to your foot

Custom or Off-The-Shelf Bracing

We will outfit you with the correct product to best suit your needs and ensure an optimal fit.  Whether necessary for stabilization, injury prevention or pain relief we can provide the best solution at the appropriate price point.


bracing with selamat

  • Custom models are made to fit through casting or stringent measurements by a trained professional
  • We stand behind our products and will help with any issues should they arise

Compression Stockings  

Standing all day long, working long hours, your blood can pool to your ankles leaving them swollen and sore.  Compression stockings ensure optimal blood flow and circulation to tired achy legs.



  • Athletes
  • Blue/white collar workers
  • Travelers
  • Elderly
  • Patients with circulatory concerns